Can You Hear Me Now? Quantifying Noise, Assessing Exposure, & Evaluating Results

This one hour presentation will look at the importance of measuring noise, discuss various noise assessment methods, and provide a look at sample noise results. The webinar is designed to discuss sound measurement for hearing conservation program exposure assessment through both noise dosimetry and task-based analysis, measures for noise control applications and environmental or community noise metrics.

Webinar Objectives:
- Establish the importance of noise measurement and assessment
- List various noise metrics and their application
- Discuss advantages and disadvantage of various noise measures
- Acquaint yourself with good practice noise assessment steps
- Identify helpful standards and resources for noise measurement information
- Present examples of noise measurements that are misleading

Who Should Attend:
- Occupational Health and Safety Practitioners
- Safety Professionals & Managers
- Measurement Technicians
- Supervisors
- Team Leaders
- Managers

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