EHS Today Sustainability Update - Apr 12th, 2023
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EHS Today Sustainability Update

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Add Mental Health to Your Safety Training

On April 20, EHS Today Intelligence will present a webinar providing practical guidance for incorporating mental health awareness into your workplace safety training in an appropriate way. Learn how to help protect workers from the fastest growing hazard in today’s workplace. The webinar will be presented by Holli Singleton, director, safety and health services, Southeastern OSHA Training Institute at NC State University. Click here to register (and if you’re not already an EHS Today Intelligence member, you can join for free in a matter of moments).

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Sustainable revenue now makes up half of the gross revenue for the companies on Corporate Knights Globa 100.
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Today’s companies must become more sustainable and focus on blending financial return with social stewardship. Knowing who your stakeholders are and what’s relevant to them will help you create a strong Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) program.

EHS Today is accepting applications until May 19 for the 2023 class of America's Safest Companies.

With so many machine safety aspects to consider, it is easy to overlook crucial elements to successfully implement a safety measure. Attend this webinar to receive guidance and answers to commonly overlooked and misapplied machine safety requirements.

There are a number of specific action steps that employers can take to address this issue.
The company became the first textile manufacturer to remove PFAS from operations, even exiting business lines when necessary.
Better training and engagement can help address this workplace issue.
AI can help optimize energy use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.