EHS Today Sustainability Update - Jun 14th, 2023
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EHS Today Sustainability Update

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Over 1 in 3 of U.S. workers said they miss out on nonwork activities due to exhaustion from work.
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There is a direct connection between better chemical management and ESG maturity. This new infographic shows you how the hazardous chemicals you use affect safety, environmental compliance, and relationships with your value chain partners.

Additionally, 30% of U.S. workers say they have felt unfairly treated due to their age at some point in their careers.

Attend this webinar to review the situations involving FR/AR clothing and what to do in the case of extreme conditions. You’ll specifically learn about handling the heat of the summer and those inevitable accompanying insects.

A look at some recent headlines focused on worker safety, the environment and DEI efforts.
The plan targets high-impact uses where limited alternatives exist such as the industrial sector and heavy-duty transportation.
“Recognizing the importance of inclusion and support for LGBTQ+ workers, this new research shows organizations are making headway," says Alex Alonso of SHRM.