EHS Today Daily Update - Feb 29th, 2024
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EHS Today Daily Update

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“This new standard outlines industry best practices to protect workers who commonly do strenuous jobs in challenging conditions.”
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See how 1,000 of your peers rate their EHS programs. How does your industry stack up and are you prepared?

Inspections identified powered haulage, highwall, inadequate training and other hazards that endangered miners said MSHA.

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Rates of anxiety and depression are higher for frontline workers, but they're less likely to seek help.
"Inequalities leave some workers more at risk to injury, discrimination, exploitation, or abuse,." says Labor Secretary Julie Su.
An attitude of “think globally, act locally” is critical to successful implementation of ESG agendas.
Discover how leadership transformed Victaulic's safety culture, earning them OSHA's VPP Star designation. Learn how workplace injuries fell 87% despite increased workhours, and how Victaulic sustains safety excellence. Join us to explore the power of leadership in safety!
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How EHS professionals can use the power of happiness to transform workplace safety.