EHS Today Daily Update - Mar 1st, 2024
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EHS Today Daily Update

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New resources offers strategies and actions steps to reduce risk.
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“This new standard outlines industry best practices to protect workers who commonly do strenuous jobs in challenging conditions.”

Safety leaders from all industries will combine safety training and teambuilding into one convenient, cost-savings event by attending Safety 2024 as a group. Maximize your training budget and join 5000+ safety pros for the top event of the year from ASSP.

Inspections identified powered haulage, highwall, inadequate training and other hazards that endangered miners said MSHA.
"EHS&S is driving shareholder value in setting and supporting ESG goals and strategies," says Nicole Wilkinson of NAEM.
In today's rapidly evolving EHS landscape, effective visitor and emergency management is crucial. Join EHS Today and iLobby to discover the top 5 challenges in managing visitors and contractors within the EHS framework. Learn actionable strategies from your EHS peer, Meghan Shambach, Sr. EHS Manager from Acrow Bridge, on how to enhance safety, streamline...
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Employees aren’t obligated to share about their personal lives. But if they choose to, their colleagues and supervisors can see more of the total person—and that can make it easier to talk about safety.
In the quest for safer workplaces, one change is steadily gaining momentum: the transition from ladders to stairs. From warehouses to construction sites, businesses are beginning to recognize the long-term benefits of installing stairs over ladders for routine and emergency access. This shift is not only about reducing accidents but also about enhancing...