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OSHA infographic

OSHA’s Role in Reducing Occupational Injuries, Fatalities [Infographic]

A new infographic from Graphic Products reveals how OSHA has helped reduce occupational injuries and deaths in the United States by more than 60 percent in the last 4 decades.

What a difference a century makes. In 1913, 23,000 industrial deaths occurred among 38 million U.S. workers, according to Graphic Products’ new infographic. Today, about 4,000 workplace deaths occur annually in America – still too many, safety stakeholders would argue, but an indisputable improvement nonetheless.

Since OSHA’s creation in 1970, the American work force has seen vast improvements in both workplace injuries and fatalities. Approximately 14,000 workers died in 1970; in 2009, that number declined to 4,400 even though the work force had since doubled in size. And in 1972, an average of 10.9 incidents were recorded per 100 workers, compared to fewer than four incidents per 100 workers in 2010.

To learn more, view the infographic from Graphic Products below:

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