CCOHS Introduces E-Course for Hearing Loss Prevention

To address the common health hazard of noise in the workplace, the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) developed an e-course that offers practical guidance to help employers reduce or eliminate noise exposure and prevent hearing loss.

The Preventing Hearing Loss from Workplace Noise e-course is an introduction to noise control, and focuses on how to prevent hearing loss by reducing or eliminating noise exposure. It is geared to anyone working in a potentially noisy setting – workers, managers, supervisors, health and safety staff and committee members, as well as human resources and disability management personnel.

The 1-hour course describes how noise can damage hearing, when noise levels are hazardous, how to develop a hearing loss prevention program, which hearing protectors are appropriate for which settings and how to use them, as well as specific ways to control workplace noise exposure. The course also features case studies, quizzes, an "ask a question" option and a final exam.

All e-courses by CCOHS are available in English and French. They are developed by experts in the field and reviewed by labor, employer and government representatives.

More information about the courses, pricing and how to register is available on the CCOHS website:

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