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Protective Clothing Market Grows with Industrialization

Research firm publishes report which examines why the protective clothing market is booming.

An improvement in the global economic climate along with an industrialization boom is leading to growth in the protective clothing market, says research firm Million Insights.

The firm defines protective clothing as garments or textile materials which are worn to safeguard workers from coming in contact with hostile element or environment, injury or death.

Because research and development of protective fabrics requires significant monetary investment, this is adding to an increase in the overall price of protective clothing. In turn, the higher cost  is limiting growth, says Million Insights.

The report includes insights from the "major players" in the industry, including DUPONT, Honeywell, Lakeland, MSA, Uvex, Kimberly Clark, Bergeron, Delta Plus, Excalor, TEMPEX, SanCheong, STS, Firetex, Bar-Ray Products, Lite Tech Inc., Medical Index GmbH, Hoshina, ProTech, Infab Corporation, Wolf X-Ray Corporation, AADCO Medical Inc., Wiroma AG, Konston, Qingdao Chengyang Medical Equipment Factory, Shandong Longkou Modern Medical Packing and Equipment Factory, Qingdao Meikang Fireproof Materials Co.,Ltd., 3M Company, Ansell Limited and Sioen Industries.

Rising concerns regarding the safety of workers coupled with the increasing stringency of government regulations are by far the leading factor driving for protective clothing market, Million Insights states. The booming demand for multifunctional protective clothing from end-user industries is also propelling the market.

The full report is available at the research firm's website.


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