You'll Shoot Your Eye Out: 5 Tips for Toy Gun Safety

The number of serious injuries due to improper toy gun use has risen drastically over the past 23 years.

A Christmas Story is a not only an nostalgic holiday movie, but it also is a lesson in safety.

The iconic scene in which Ralphie shoots his eye out despite repeated warnings to be careful serves as a reminder every holiday season.

"Ophthalmologists see firsthand the devastating damage toy guns can inflict on the eyes; children are blinded," said Dianna Seldomridge, M.D., MBA, clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), in a statement. "The good news is, most of these injuries are avoidable. Protective eyewear and adult supervision make non-powder gun activities much safer for children. If you can't resist the Ralphies in your life, buy protective eyewear."

A new report from the AAO shows the number of serious injuries such as blindness due to BB and pellet gun use is increasing at an "alarming rate." The study, published in Ophthalmology Retina, shows the number of injuries due to nonpowder guns has increased 170% over the last 23 years.

The organization is reminding parents, families and all those purchasing toy guns to also purchase protective eyewear and take extra precautions.


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