SLC 2017: The Seven Deadly Lockout/Tagout Sins [Photo Gallery]

These seven most commonly issued citations for lockout/tagout can be problem areas for companies.

Lockout/tagout is the no. 1 citation in general industry, and knowing whether a company's current policies ensure compliance could be a difficult task.

Colin Warren, partner at Fisher Phillips, presented his "seven deadly sins of lockout/tagout" to attendees at the Safety Leadership Conference 2017 in Atlanta in the session titled, "Lockout/Tagout: Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls."

An employer must know if the standard applies to machinery, update maintenance and LO/TO policies as needed and have a solid training program in order to remain compliant and keep employees safe. When these things are not addressed under OSHA's standards, the agency will hand out violations during inspection.

View the slideshow to learn more about machine-specific standards and how many companies are failing when it comes to complying with lockout/tagout.

TAGS: OSHA Standards
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