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How Did they Do That? Case Studies on EHS Excellence
How Did they Do That? Case Studies on EHS Excellence
How Did they Do That? Case Studies on EHS Excellence
How Did they Do That? Case Studies on EHS Excellence
How Did they Do That? Case Studies on EHS Excellence

How Did they Do That? Case Studies on EHS Excellence

Jan. 29, 2024
Campbell Award winners, such as Dow, Johnson & Johnson and Alcoa offer business case materials.

While it might be an overused phrase -- ‘no need to reinvent the wheel' -- there is a lot to be learned from others who have tackled and found solutions to safety issues that many companies face.

In this vein, the winners of the Campbell Award offer materials including business case studies, teaching notes and case study presentations. 

Frist a word about the award, which is a National Safety Council award. Its mission is to "identify and provide evidence-based findings that enable current and future business leaders to effectively advance business vitality through embracing the value of environmental, health and safety management." The award is supported by a network of Global Partners across five continents. 

The Campbell Award recognizes organizations for commendable leadership and excellence in integrating EHS management with business operations systems. The Award aims to:

  • Establish a validated process by which organizations can measure the performance of their EHS operations system against well tested and internationally accepted key performance indicators.
  • Capture and evaluate the successes and lessons learned through a rigorous systematic review process.
  • Foster the sharing of leading-edge EHS management systems and best practices for educational purposes worldwide.
  • Recognize organizations that have EHS well integrated as a key business value and in which measurable achievements in EHS performance are productive and profitable.

Here are some samples (and excerpts) of these case studies:

Johnson & Johnson -- Social Responsibility & Sustainable Competitive Advantages 

This business case study starts with the assumption that EHS is a core value --because, for them, it is. Johnson & Johnson's leaders, however, are aware that this belief is not shared by everyone -- including some of its shareholders, who may be more focused on profit margin. By examining the company's Credo-based culture and a number of its key EHS initiatives, Johnson & Johnson wanted students to come to understand the myriad ways in which social responsibility offers the company a truly sustainable competitive advantage. 

Alcan- Leadership Challenges in Cross-Culture Ventures

This business case study takes a well-developed integrated EHS management system and puts it to the test in an extreme physical and cultural environment. In examining the astonishing results at the Ningxia facility, Alcan leadership wanted students to understand the difference an integrated, transferable system can make. Through this remarkable example, students come to see the value of integration and transfer as it extends not only to the business but the wider community – making the decision they’re faced with at the end of the study even more crucial.

Dow--Inseparability of Safety

“If you can’t do it better, why do it?” These famous words of Dow Chemical Company founder Herbert H. Dow begin the organization’s Campbell Award Case Study. It is this history of innovation, coupled with aspirational goal-setting and world-class expertise, which has enabled Dow to continue to reach and exceed its vision. In this study, readers gain insight into Dow’s transformational goal development process, including a look at incentives, empowerment, risk assessment, leading indicators, and more. Readers have the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of Dow leadership and ask themselves, “What should we do next?”

More examples can be found here.  

There is also a Campbell Institute that was launched from the Campbell Award winners as well as thought-leaders from the National Safety Council. The mission of the Institute is to help organizations achieve and sustain EHS excellence through participation, research and events.

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