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Employees Prioritize DE&I

Employees Prioritize DE&I

Feb. 12, 2024
Employees who feel their workplace is not inclusive are twice as likely to leave.

Employees are walking their talk. A recent report, State of Work, from HRBrain.ai, surveyed 2000 employees and explored diversity, equity, inclusion (DE&I) and pay equity. 

One of the most important findings of the survey was that employees who perceive their workplace policies as not inclusive are twice as likely to be actively looking for new employment opportunities. 

Only 42% of those surveyed felt their company effectively implemented DE&I policies. 

A more nuanced finding was examining internal communications using a DE&I lens. In that case just 42% feel their companies' internal communications are unbiased and inclusive.

On the inclusion side of the equation, 58% report not feeling their voices are heard within the workplace.

These views translate directly to how employees choose companies as the survey found that 51% of the workforce weighs a company's commitment to DE&I heavily in their job acceptance decisions.

On the other side of the coin, if workers aren't content with company policies, they begin to look elsewhere as 30% of those surveyed were doing.

The report offers these implications of the survey:

  • The need for improved leadership and management
    training is evident, with implications for employee
    engagement and company cohesion.
  • A proactive approach to fostering positive workplace
    culture can significantly enhance employee well-being and
  • Understanding and addressing employee needs can bridge
    gaps in employer-employee dynamics, enhancing
    organizational empathy.
  • Emphasizing diversity and inclusion not only benefits
    company culture but also aids in attracting and retaining
    diverse talent.

"The insights from our comprehensive study serve as a clarion call for HR leaders and executives across the United States," said Tim Glowa, CEO and founder of HRbrain.ai, in a statement. "The path forward involves a committed, actionable approach to DE&I that transcends mere policy to affect real change within the organizational culture."

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