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Some Workers Will Take Pay Cut for Better Safety Culture

Some Workers Will Take Pay Cut for Better Safety Culture

Feb. 21, 2024
A new survey says 17% would sacrifice pay for safety.

Wanting to understand how important safety is to both current and potential employees, DuraPlas asked 1,000 US workers for their views for the 2024 Workplace Safety Culture Report. 

Here are the results:

Q: Would you be willing to take a pay cut for a job with a better safety culture?

  • 31%  Maybe
  • 24%  Unlikely
  • 19%  No
  • 17%  Yes
  •   9%  Unsure

There was a gender difference as  33% of men said maybe and 23% said yes. While women 93% said maybe and 12% said yes. 

Q: How important is a strong safety culture in your decision to accept a new job?

Blue Collar

    • Very important --54%
    • Important -- 29%

White Collar

    • Very important -- 43%
    • Important --32%

Q: Have you ever declined a job because of safety concerns?

  • No -- 61%
  • Yes -- 39%

Q: How well do you think companies communicate their safety practices during the hiring process?

  • Well -- 30%
  • Adequately -- 29%
  • Very well -- 20%
  • Poorly -- 16%
  • Very poorly --4%

Q: How likely are you to ask about safety practices in a job interview?

  • Very likely -- 29%
  • Likely -- 27%
  • Somewhat likely -- 22%
  • Unlikely -- 16%
  • Very unlikely -- 5%

Q: What is your reaction to this statement? "A strong safety culture contributes to overall job satisfaction."

  • Agree -- 43%
  • Strongly agree -- 40%
  • Neutral --11%
  • Disagree -- 4%
  • Strongly disagree --2%

“Culture is something communicated through actions as much as it is through words,” DuraPlas President Paul Phillips said, in a statement. “So, if you’re an organization that has a true culture of safety, it’s going to come through in more than posters hung in a breakroom or a days-safe countdown whiteboard on a production floor. It’s going to be communicated through the trainings you offer and the maintenance you do and the equipment you provide your workers. With this survey, we learned that employees are paying attention to these things, asking about them in the job-hunting process, and they are willing to sacrifice pay for a place that puts a priority on their safety.”

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