Five Steps to Facilitate Innovation in Your Organization

Leaders should encourage workers to think outside of the box.

As leaders, we all want it. We all say it. We all wait for it to happen… Innovation.

All too often the wait appears to be too long and true innovation seems to linger somewhere beyond our reach. Leaders whose organizations are not innovative enough seem to focus on that result – on the fact that employees are not finding faster, better, and more efficient ways to perform their work. Innovation is the result of a process.

Concentrating on improving this process by design rather than on the results by chance will foster an environment rich in new ideas and better ways of meeting your organizational needs.

Daring your workers to think differently, empowering them to do so and facilitating a framework for success is the way to go. Converting innovation expectations into an action plan and driving towards completion requires a formal process. Continuously tweaking that process with the gift of failure offers the best perspective while driving performance by design and the best opportunity to transform your organization.

There are five easy steps you can take right now to establish a framework that may transform your employee workforce from monotonous to being a proficient innovation delivery device.

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