How to Step Up Your Leadership Game in 2018 [Photo Gallery]

Among the responsibilities of leaders is keeping up with changes in the workforce and what that requires to inspire and engage workers. Here are five tenets to keep in mind.

If you’re a business leader, it’s likely you got to where you are through hard work, perseverance, and a determination to be the best you can be. Regardless of your success, you’re unlikely to be content with your current leadership game. Instead, you’re always seeking ways in which to advance and improve.

This is no easy feat. Being a leader demands high levels of responsibility; leaders need to motivate and inspire their team, and they need to deal with fluctuating workplace demands. Moreover, what constitutes a great leader tends to evolve and change over time. What compelled Generation X to work hard won’t work with Generation Z. As our understanding of human psychology advances, we also become more knowledgeable on what inspires high levels of engagement and discretionary effort.

The secret to motivating these individuals all lies in connectivity. Engage in frequent, meaningful discussions, and get to know your new workers — what they want out of their roles, how they want to advance and where they see themselves in five years. Also, cover how they personally make a huge impact on the business. This will demonstrate to them that they are an important part of the company and that you value their contributions. Their sense of self-worth and confidence will increase ever further if you invest in their immediate and long-term career advancement.

As the years go by, what it means to be a great leader will necessarily change. What’s important is that no leader gets stuck in their ways. To do so would be entirely counter-productive to a well-performing workforce. However, when leaders make efforts to research leadership trends, not only do they benefit from a more engaged workforce; they also notice visible business improvements. Make it your goal to keep up to date with these changes and to take the thoughts and opinions of your employees on board.

With this slideshow, we’ll look at modern leadership techniques and how to implement them in 2018 in order to improve individual, team, and company performance and productivity, while building a more competitive and profitable business.

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