Safety Leadership: How To Get Things Done and Influence People [Photo Gallery]

June 23, 2015
During his presentation at Safety 2015, “Business Lessons: What CEOs and the C-Suite Want from Safety,” Mark D. Hansen, P.E., CSP, CPE, of FTS International offered nine influence tactics he has employed to successfully get things done and move up in an organization.

Mark D. Hansen, P.E., CSP, CPE, of FTS International, says these influence tactics are considered generic because they are applied in all directions within the organization. The first five influence tactics are considered “soft” tactics because they are friendlier than the last four “hard” – or pressure – tactics. Of the three possible responses to an influence tactic – enthusiastic commitment, grading compliance and outright resistance – commitment is most apt to result when the tactics used are consultation, strong rational persuasion and inspirational appeals.

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