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selfieforsafety is a new contest from Rockford Systems to promote machine safety Thinkstock
<p>#selfieforsafety is a new contest from Rockford Systems to promote machine safety.</p>

Rockford Systems Launches ‘Selfie for Safety’ Campaign

Rockford Systems uses social media and Generation Z’s love of selfies to promote machine safety.

Recognizing that the future of American manufacturing lies with today’s youth – also known as Generation Z – Rockford Systems LLC has launched the “Selfie for Safety” campaign to help raise student awareness of the importance of machine safeguarding and to help fund the upgrading of safety equipment in the machine shops of several high schools in Rockford, Ill., where the company's headquarters is located.

Hosted on Rockford Systems' InstagramLinkedInTwitter and Facebook pages, the campaign encourages students, machinists, do-it-yourselfers, manufacturers or anyone who uses machinery and values safety to submit a “selfie” of themselves standing next to their favorite machine. (Please don’t take a selfie while operating the machine!) For every Selfie for Safety it receives, Rockford Systems will donate money towards conducting a full survey of a local high school’s machine shop to determine the safeguarding equipment required for OSHA/ANSI/NFPA 79 compliance, as well as the purchase and installation of that equipment.

Everyone who posts a Selfie for Safety will receive a free Rockford Systems t-shirt and be recognized by their peers for their contribution. The company hopes to expand the Selfie for Safety program to include additional high schools nationwide.

“Our goal is to fully safeguard all four public high-schools in our hometown of Rockford, Ill., within the next 3 years,” said Carrie Halle, vice president of marketing for Rockford Systems. “We will also be teaching proper safety techniques to students who are the future of American manufacturing.”

How to Participate

Follow these four easy steps to participate in the Selfie for Safety campaign:

For more information, visit

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