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ldquoSafety is of the utmost importance within the energy and power sectors and a top priority at Winderrdquo said Jim Stockwell Winder Powerrsquos quality environmental health and safety manager Winder Power
<p>&ldquo;Safety is of the utmost importance within the energy and power sectors and a top priority at Winder,&rdquo; said Jim Stockwell, Winder Power&rsquo;s quality, environmental, health and safety manager.</p>

Safety Surges at Winder Power

The UK company celebrates two years of being incident-free.

Winder Power is celebrating reaching 800 days without a reportable incident. An industry-wide achievement, the Leeds, UK-based energy company has not had a reportable incident since 2012. This record extends to all of Winder’s projects across the UK and worldwide, as well as within its own state-of-the-art factory in Leeds.

“Our safety record is my proudest achievement since joining Winder Power in 2011,” said Managing Director Laurence MacKenzie. “This is the longest we have gone without a reportable incident and this success can be attributed to the diligent people we have at Winder. I am delighted our customers, and potential customers, know that any project we undertake is completed to the highest degrees of safety and standards.”

The achievement strengthens Winder’s position in the UK, and abroad, as a trustworthy and safe service provider in the transformer industry; as well as a great internal employee boost. As a power manufacturing company, Winder works in a highly technical and potentially dangerous environment. All companies within the industry must report accidents and occurrences to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR). Therefore, safety is top-of-mind for staff and products.

Winder Power has worked hard to improve the safety culture by focusing efforts on key causes of accidents, employees’ attitude about safety and through setting targets both for employees and sub-contractors. These efforts have communicated that Winder Power places safety at the forefront of everything it does and has focused individual ownership on safety in daily work practices – ensuring a positive approach by employees and managers and a lack of complacency. This employee engagement process has led to improved safety training and supervision resulting in the 800-day achievement. 

“Safety is of the utmost importance within the energy and power sectors and a top priority at Winder,” said Jim Stockwell, the company’s quality, environmental, health and safety manager. “ We intend to continue to look for new ways to improve our safety procedures for the benefit or our staff and customers, and ensure that our safety record is maintained year-on-year. This achievement will serve us greatly going forward as a business.”

Winder Power reached 800 days without a lost-time incident.

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