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Want To Be a Good Boss? Then Don't Do This [Infographic] BambooHR

Want To Be a Good Boss? Then Don't Do This [Infographic]

If you want to be considered a “good” boss by employees, don’t take credit for their work.

A new, nationwide survey highlights the characteristics of bosses that push U.S. employees over the edge. Having the boss take credit for their work is at the top of the list. Older employees find that behavior significantly less acceptable than younger employees do.

As BambooHR, which conducted the survey, points out: “When it comes to your job, your boss plays an important role in your success and your passion for the position. When you have a boss you respect and admire, you are more likely to produce great work and enjoy your job. But when you have a bad boss, you’re much more likely to be upset, unengaged and ready to leave.”

The survey offers a ranking of the top 10 behaviors to avoid if you want to be considered a good boss by employees. The results highlight an opportunity for bosses and employers to hone in on the leadership aspects that annoy employees the most so that they can take steps to retain talent.

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Of those surveyed, 44 percent admitted that a boss has been the primary reason they left a job. Of those, many more women than men indicated a boss’ “inappropriate behavior” ranked as a primary reason for leaving.

Non-managers tend to feel more strongly about the top issues – such as taking credit for work that is not theirs or not feeling empowered – than managers. Three-quarters of non-managers said that a boss taking credit for their work is not at all acceptable, while only 52 percent of managers said the same.

“No one wants a work environment in which employees are considering or compelled to leave because of a manager’s poor leadership skills,” says BambooHR. “Employees want to receive recognition for their hard work and want to feel empowered, inspired and cared for. They also want to feel like their boss is their advocate when workplace issues such as pay and workload arise.

Infographic by BambooHR

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