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Modernizing Safety with Mobile

Sept. 17, 2021
Learn why companies are moving to mobile information solutions for EHS and compliance.

The world is going mobile and leading organizations are taking note. With increasingly distributed workforces and more complex challenges than ever, it isn’t feasible to manage internal risks, compliance and well-being by hand. You can’t rely on manual systems with pens and paper, or hardwired systems to keep your organization safe and compliant in a highly complex, constantly changing world.

Today, mobile phones are ubiquitous. With a mobile device in just about every employee’s pocket, mobile is the platform of choice and speed. In today’s digital workplace, employees have similar expectations to consumers and expect information on mobile.

We’re all spending more time on mobile, and the growth and reliance on mobile apps has skyrocketed. A recent report by mobile data and analytics firm App Annie found global consumers are now spending an average of 4.2 hours per day using apps on their smartphones, an increase of 30% from just two years prior. As general consumer behavior shifts, organizations need to adjust to meet expectations.

That’s where mobile apps for EHS and compliance make so much sense.

Organizations are switching to mobile solutions to develop safer practices and procedures, improve internal communication, and solve global information challenges. Mobile enables organizations to automate and streamline EHS and compliance processes to create safer work environments.

In the past, many enterprises incorporated mobile technology for data capture and reactionary measures like incident reporting. Today, mobile enables new levels of preparation through both data delivery and capture, enabling employees to not only report on incidents, but also to help employees prepare for and prevent incidents.

Following is a look at some of the ways that compliance and EHS mobile apps can help organizations.

Increased Accessibility to Resources

Compliance and EHS mobile apps bring your workplace safety and compliance resources directly to your workforce. Mobile enables organizations to provide employees with a convenient, easy-to-use app at hand.

Mobile apps can provide access to resources such as contact information or emergency procedures directly on employees’ phones with or without Internet access. Further, mobile apps make it streamlined and efficient to access that information with one-tap access to your company’s app.

With key safety and compliance tools within reach at all times, you’ll stay prepared for the various risks that threaten workers’ safety and your organization’s bottom line.

Improved Information Processes

With a mobile platform, you can integrate databases of information and replace binders of documents with an intuitive app. From flip charts and rainbow charts to training materials and handbooks, mobile information apps work to house, organize and share large amounts of information to improve management.

Moving to a mobile solution saves time spent creating and managing physical materials. It also saves your employees the time spent rifling through binders and spreadsheets or traveling back and forth to a desktop workstation. Mobiles apps can transform information processes, supporting more informed employees with better-managed content.

Real-Time Data Capture and Delivery

Real-time information distribution is critical. Mobile EHS and compliance apps enable organizations to make changes and push out new information instantly. With a cloud-based mobile solution you can push out process changes, share new resources and provide vital updates to your audience instantly.

Additionally, mobile apps allow safety and compliance employees to work where work actually happens rather than being tied to desktop software or filing cabinets. Mobile empowers EHS teams to capture data on the fly, pull up regulatory information, and complete many other essential tasks right from the facility floor rather than at a desk.

Cloud-based Change Management

Mobile apps enable organizations to cut down on the resources used to manage EHS and compliance programs. Cloud-based mobile solutions also enable growth and change at scale. A single mobile app can replace thousands of pages of documentation, and save the team hundreds of management hours. Additionally, the right platform enables automation and replication for managing hundreds or thousands of apps.

Additionally, cloud-based solutions often provide flexibility to integrate with existing processes. Look to solutions with an Open API and integrations with common tools to get the most out of a mobile EHS and compliance solution.

The Result: Stronger Culture of Accountability

The best mobile apps empower organizations to automate and streamline their safety programs while equipping stakeholders with the information they need to prevent and respond to emergencies.

Innovative leaders are realizing that through automation and integration with mobile-first technology, the best EHS and compliance apps streamline and enhance safety programs and processes. All of this can help create a stronger sense of accountability and safety within an organization.

Stewart Price is president of sales and marketing and founder of ReadyKey, a provider of mobile solutions.

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