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Looks like an Imperial Walker from Star Wars to us and the experts at ECampM but in reality it39s an electrical disaster waiting to happen EC&M
<p>Looks like an Imperial Walker from Star Wars to us and the experts at EC&amp;M, but in reality, it&#39;s an electrical disaster waiting to happen.</p>

The 10 Craziest Electrical Code Violations of 2014

EHS Today’s sister publication EC&M has posted dozens of photos of electrical code violations sent in by readers. The Top 10 of 2014 will shock you! (No, really, they’ll shock you…kill you, even.)

When it comes to National Electrical Code (NEC) violations, EC&M’s team of National Electric Code experts provides a seemingly endless supply of disastrous code catastrophes throughout the year.

By taking readers on a journey across the country and demonstrating example after example of what not to do, they continue to present EC&M readers with serious electrical safety questions, point out specific problems and offer feedback on how to correct each design and/or installation error to help prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future. We know that electrical safety is important to the readers of EHS Today as well, so we thought we'd share this photo gallery via the EC&M web site.

This photo gallery of the 10 Craziest Code Violations of 2014 puts the tangle of extension cords and bad wiring shown in the movie “A Christmas Story” to shame.

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