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The 10 Most-Expensive Non-Fatal Workplace Injuries [Photo Gallery]

Whether you are a small business owner or director of EHS at a large corporation, you know the importance of safety. It’s important not only to workers and their families and production schedules; it also is important to the bottom line.

Nothing illustrates that point better than the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, which ranks the top 10 causes of disabling workplace injuries.

Non-fatal injuries requiring at least six days away from work cost U.S. businesses $61.88 billion per year in direct workers’ compensation costs according to the 2016 index. The top 10 serious, disabling, non-fatal workplace injuries or accidents account for 82.5 percent of that total – $51.06 billion of the total cost burden.

See related article, "U.S. Companies Pay $62 Billion Per Year for the Most Serious Workplace Injuries" for additional information. 

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