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2013 Americas Safest Companies

2013 America's Safest Companies

America's Safest Companies 2013 Protect Workers, Production and Property

As you will see, the 16 companies honored as America's Safest represent a number of industries and provide over 100,000 workers with a safe work environment.

Profiled by Editor-in-Chief Sandy Smith and Senior Editor Josh Cable, these companies – Advanced Technologies and Laboratories International, Alberici Constructors, American & Efird LLC, The Brock Group, Dresser-Rand, The Great Lakes Construction Co., Honda of South Carolina, LP Building Products, Morton Salt, The Mundy Companies, Northern Improvement Co., Odebrecht, Raytheon Co., Rogers Corp. Advanced Circuit Materials Division, Safariland LLC and Valdes Engineering – represent industries as diverse as public infrastructure construction, textiles, defense, facility maintenance, oil and gas, mining and heavy manufacturing. Despite their differences – worker populations that range from 100 employees to nearly 70,000, one facility or 150, diverse business models and a range of industries – the 16 America's Safest Companies for 2013 have integrated safety into the way they do business, treating EHS as a building block necessary for success in their respective markets.

Companies that are named to EHS Today's ASC list understand the symbiotic relationship between safety and productivity, profits, morale and employee retention. The marketplace is demanding that companies be sustainable, and they only should be considered sustainable if they protect their most important asset: employees.

All of the 2013 America's Safest Companies demonstrate support from management and employee involvement; provide innovative solutions to safety challenges; report injury and illness rates significantly lower than the averages for their industries; support comprehensive training programs; believe that the prevention of incidents is the cornerstone of the safety process; have integrated safety into their corporate culture and communicate the value of safety to employees and customers; and substantiate the benefits of the safety process.

The 2013 America's Safest Companies were honored Oct. 29 in Atlanta during the America's Safest Companies Conference at an awards ceremony sponsored by MCR Safety.

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