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45-Foot Fall Kills Worker at Houston Airport

45-Foot Fall Kills Worker at Houston Airport

A maintenance worker at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston was killed when he fell 45 feet from the elevated tracks of the airport’s rail system.

Houston police have not revealed the name of a maintenance worker who slipped from the tracks of the rail line at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, falling 45 feet to his death on August 5.

According to a report from ABC News, airport spokesman David Hebert said the worker lost his footing while doing preventative maintenance. He was a contract worker, employed by Bombardier Transportation, which manufactures trains and planes and is headquartered in Montreal.

This isn’t the first time maintenance workers have died on or near the train tracks. One worker died and another was injured in 2010 when they were struck by the airport tram.

This YouTube video from ganstamaki shows the height of the train tracks in some areas.

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