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Investing in EHS of Material Handling and Logistics

March 19, 2020
For almost a century, Morello has been developing tailor-made solutions for oil-and-gas, fuel-and-energy, metal, automotive, aircraft and shipbuilding industries, as well as port and airport logistics and industrial parks.

The results of latest research programs show the importance of enhancing manual processes with modern technology to maintain a strong safety culture and high performing environmental health and safety. High performance goes hand in hand with EHS development – this statement is increasingly popular among modern companies and mastered long ago by forward-looking companies and manufacturers.

Equipment that makes work safer becomes extremely popular bringing safety as core value of large industrial enterprises and warehouses: handling of heavy-duty and oversized cargo is always associated with a risk to the operator, drivers and workers within industrial zones. This fact has become one of the main advantages of automated SPMT, motorized trolleys and platforms. New players offering customized manufacturing of equipment for material handling and logistics brought environmental health and safety to new level even in limited spaces of industrial and warehouse logistics always causing additional risk for drivers and operators.

One of the pioneers in this field was the Italian company Giovanni Morello: development of customized material handling equipment is carried out strictly in accordance with the latest standards of industrial transportation safety in enterprises. Reliability and safety must be manifested in every aspect of industrial logistics: from quality of each part and assembly of transporters up to smallest nuances in equipment management software.

For almost a century, Morello has been developing tailor-made solutions for oil-and-gas, fuel-and-energy, metal, automotive, aircraft and shipbuilding industries, as well as port and airport logistics and industrial parks. Customized projects are strictly in accordance with the needs of individual customer to maximize the safety of transportation at enterprises even in the most severe conditions, hazardous environments or in extremely limited spaces.

The real breakthrough in improving safety of transporting heavy-duty and oversized cargo is battery-powered SPMTs (self-propelled motorized trolleys) and omni-directional carts. These models represent mobile and flexible transporters for cargos with extended safety features for operators. Driver cabin can be replaced with wired or wireless remote control or with self-acting translation (AGV technology) using reliable protocols.

The efficient use of batteries for in-plant transportation is another important breakthrough that brought environmental health and safety to a completely new level. Morello continues to optimize use of electronic batteries in its trolleys on wheels and other types of industrial transporters, improving not only efficiency of energy consumption, but also overall performance and characteristics of each battery-powered model.

Finally, material handling within hazardous environment remains one of the key areas for EHS in industrial logistics. IECEx and ATEX standards continue to grow tirelessly, setting oil-and-gas, mining and chemical industries with new challenges for industrial safety. IECEx and ATEX powered trolleys and towed trailers have been Morello's key expertise for decades.

On offshore oil-and-gas production units, platforms or vessels, maintenance always requires material handling. Large motors, long pipes and other heavy equipment need to be moved, often to places out of a crane’s reach. Customized solutions open new possibilities for increasing security at any type of enterprise. Modern ATEX and IECEx trolleys are supplied with flexible omnidirectional steering, waterproof protection of electrical components up to IP69 and explosion-proof components for extra-safety certified depending on different hazardous area including Zone 1, Zone 2, Gas and Dust.        

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