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That's a Great Question: New Podcast Series Offers Insights into Safety & Manufacturing Trends

Jan. 15, 2024
EHS Today's Talking EHS podcast series joins with other Endeavor brands to launch Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast.

Fresh for the new year, Endeavor Business Media's Manufacturing Group is launching Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast. This new podcast series will offer news and information about the companies that make, store and move things, and the people who manage the workplaces and workforces, ensuring that work gets done and everybody stays safe. EHS Today's Talking EHS podcast series will become part of the Great Question collection.

In this round table episode, editors from American MachinistEHS TodayFoundry Management & TechnologyIndustryWeekMaterial Handling & Logistics, New Equipment DigestPlant Services, and Smart Industry share their plans and expectations for the new podcast series. 




RS: I am Robert Schoenberger, editor-in-chief of IndustryWeek and content director for the Manufacturing Group at Endeavor Business Media. We'd like to welcome you to the launch of our new podcast, Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast. We’re joining forces with all of the editors within our manufacturing group to provide information that will be useful to you, the audience, on anything involving manufacturing.

We'll be talking a lot about what we do in IndustryWeek, which is manufacturing leadership. So expect a lot of discussion of major issues facing the industry, new technologies, new management practices and news of the day. So I'm looking forward to providing that information multiple times per week with our new podcast. And with that, I'd like to turn things over to Tom Wilk with Plant Services.

TW: Thanks, Robert, very much. I'm excited to be part of Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast. I'm the editor-in-chief of Plant Services and our focus will be on the asset management side of industry. We’ll often take a very high-level view of facilities management, but also a very low-level view of what it takes to keep your machines operating at best capacity; what the right mix of maintenance modes is, reactive, proactive, and predictive; and in general, what kind of software systems can help you manage, maintain and prolong the life of those assets. With that, I'll turn it over to editor-in-chief Laura Davis of New Equipment Digest.

LD: Thanks, Tom. Hi, everybody. I'm Laura Davis, editor-in-chief of New Equipment Digest, a publication that covers all products, equipment, solutions, and technology related to the broad scope of manufacturing, from mops and buckets to robots and automation for manufacturing professionals who are transforming industrial operations. With NED’s podcast, you can expect information surrounding the latest new equipment and solutions for the industry, helpful implementation tips and guides, insight into how other companies are using new technologies and equipment to optimize their operations, exciting equipment trends and information on new technology, research, and developments. And with that, I will turn it over to Scott Achelpohl.

SA: I'm Scott Achelpohl, managing editor of Smart Industry, which in our own little corner of the Internet covers the convergence of operational technology and information technology. In 2024, we’ll cover the growing influence of artificial intelligence and movement at manufacturing companies of all sizes towards digital transformation. We’ll be the voice for CISOs, CTOs and plant IT engineers. And we also cover the hurdles industries face in raising their cybersecurity defenses. We put out once per month downloadable eBooks, conduct quarterly webinars, and produce occasional live streams and podcasts in addition to following a lot of content to smartIndustry.com. Expect a lot of discussion from SI this year about the challenges merging the technological and cultural hurdles of the IT and OT sides of businesses.

RB: I'm Robert Brooks with American Machinist and Foundry Management & Technology, both brands that cover topics and operations at a very basic space in the manufacturing supply chain, cast parts, and engineered and designed components. And in our conversation, we're going to look closely at how individuals and organizations make the decisions and plans that help them succeed in that space, dealing with material and resource suppliers, managing individuals, and satisfying customers. And we'll try to convey to our listeners the insights that they've gained from those efforts. Now, I'm pleased to introduce you to Dave Blanchard.

DB: Thanks, Robert. I'm Dave Blanchard, editor-in-chief of EHS Today, which focuses on environment, health, and safety in the workplace. In our podcast, we'll continue our mission of helping EHS professionals keep their workers and their workplaces safe. We'll offer insights into the latest trends in workplace safety, fascinating conversations with safety leaders who share their best practices in establishing a culture of safety excellence at their companies. And we’ll also offer updates on various regulatory compliance issues.

And I'm also editor-in-chief of Material Handling and Logistics, which focuses on warehousing, transportation, and supply chain management. In these podcasts, we’ll keep our listeners up to date on when and how to automate their warehouses and distribution centers. We’ll also look at innovations in forklift and warehouse safety, as well as how technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the game when it comes to supply chain planning and visibility. And we'll examine various labor management issues, including some of the best practices the companies are following to avoid labor shortages and disruptions. So that's what we've got in store for the Great Question podcasts. So now back to you, Robert Schoenberger.

RS: Thank you, Dave, and thank you all for listening today. We're excited to bring this new podcast to you. And as I said, we're going to be producing at least two episodes a week. So subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts, and we'll do our best to inform, entertain, and educate you with a great staff of expert editors from IndustryWeek, Smart Industry, Plant Services, EHS Today, Material Handling and Logistics, Foundry Management & Technology, New Equipment Digest, and American Machinist. Thank you and have a great afternoon.

About the Author

Dave Blanchard | Editor-in-Chief / Senior Director of Content

During his career Dave Blanchard has led the editorial management of many of Endeavor Business Media's best-known brands, including IndustryWeek, EHS Today, Material Handling & Logistics, Logistics Today, Supply Chain Technology News, and Business Finance. In addition, he serves as senior content director of the annual Safety Leadership Conference. With over 30 years of B2B media experience, Dave literally wrote the book on supply chain management, Supply Chain Management Best Practices (John Wiley & Sons, 2021), which has been translated into several languages and is currently in its third edition. Prior to joining Endeavor/Informa/Penton, he spent a decade covering the artificial intelligence industry. He is a frequent speaker and moderator at major trade shows and conferences, and has won numerous awards for writing and editing. He is a voting member of the jury of the Logistics Hall of Fame, and is a graduate of Northern Illinois University. 

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