NSC Introduces Distracted Driving Resource Kit

March 13, 2009
In January, the National Safety Council (NSC) became the first organization to call for a nationwide ban on motorists' use of cell phones and messaging devices while driving, and urged businesses and legislators to enact policies prohibiting the practice. NSC is now offering a Distracted Driving Resource Kit for companies ready to educate employees about their risks.

The Distracted Driving Resource Kit helps employers communicate the risks of using hand-held and hands-free communication devices while driving. It also helps companies create and implement individualized distracted driving policies and present them in a positive manner. The kit includes a suggested timeline for implementing policies company-wide and introducing related new procedures.

The kit, available on CD, includes a wealth of electronic resources:

  • A "call to action" for a distracted driving policy;
  • Template distracted driving policy;
  • Informational article on the risks associated with distracted driving;
  • The top ten reasons for a no-cell driving policy;
  • Posters;
  • Tips for distraction-free driving;
  • A one-hour training program on distracted driving (includes Instructor Guide, Participant Guide and PowerPoint(R) Presentation); and
  • Distracted Driving Safety pamphlets.

"When you're on a call, even if both hands are on the wheel, your head is in the call and not on your driving. Research shows that drivers are four times more likely to be involved in a crash while talking on a cell phone," said John Ulczycki, group vice president for Research, Communication & Advocacy for NSC. "With the kit's resources, including its policy documents, companies of all sizes can start to change the way their employees think about using cell phones and other messaging devices behind the wheel."

Visit the NSC web site to learn how to order the kit, or find fact sheets, data and other information concerning cell phone use while driving.

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