VPPPA: Barab Addresses VPP Challenges at Opening Session

Aug. 27, 2009
At the Aug. 24 opening general session of the 25th Annual National Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association Inc. (VPPPA) Conference in San Antonio, Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Jordan Barab talked about finding a path that will preserve the best of the VPP program while addressing the challenges OSHA faces based on budget constraints and a focus on enforcement.

In his speech before the more than 2,800 general session attendees, Barab enlisted the help of VPPPA’s members in identifying what is best about VPP and how to maintain and improve those features.

“We’ll help ensure the VPP retains the highest standard of unquestionable quality and merit and integrity,” said Barab. “Not only hammers are needed to do a good job that’s why cooperative programs including VPP and other tools deserve a place in the OSHA tool box.”

Houston Mayor Bill White joined Barab in addressing VPPPA attendees at the opening session. He spoke of the leadership necessary in reaction to natural disasters, drawing parallels between his efforts to help victims of Hurricane Katrina and VPP sites’ efforts to be ahead of the curve and proactively protect lives.

“Keeping Americans safe and healthy and making sure we have a workplace that honors and respects the rights of workers is something that is one of the most important jobs there is at any time and any place,” White said.

For more information about the VPPA conference, visit http://www.vpppa.org/Conference.

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