Does Your Job Terrify You?

Nov. 7, 2011
What scares you about your job? A national survey of 4,384 American employees reveals that when it comes to facing fear at work, workers most dread layoffs, pay cuts, high workloads and giving presentations.

In addition to the respondents who grew nervous at the thought of layoffs (36 percent), decreased pay (13 percent of survey participants), heavy workloads (9 percent) and having to present in front of other people (9 percent), respondents also referenced forced relocation (4 percent) and, simply, "the boss" (3 percent).

The survey, conducted by CareerBuilder, also disclosed the professions respondents rated the "most terrifying." In their responses, survey participants referenced some high-risk occupations, such as miners, police officers and firefighters, while also mentioning a few jobs that might not pose serious injury risks but can be scary nonetheless: high school teachers, stand-up comedians and politicians.

According to survey participants, the top 15 scariest jobs include:

1. Bomb squad technician
2. High-rise window washer
3. Armed forces
4. Miner
5. Police officer
6. Alaskan crab fishing
7. Mortician
8. Firefighter
9. High school teacher
10. Cemetery worker
11. Exterminator
12. Stand-up comedian
13. Animal control
14. Stunt person
15. Politician

"Construction worker" was not included in the top 15, despite the job's high-hazard and injury-prone reputation. A recent study indicates that 75 percent of career construction workers will face a serious work-related injury or illness, as well as an increased risk of suffering a workplace fatality.

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