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New Reference Card Helps Users Prevent, Address and Respond to Workplace Violence

Aug. 31, 2012
This new workplace violence resource outlines potential behavioral indicators and triggers for workplace violence and offers preventative measures and response strategies.

A new workplace violence prevention reference card from the Security Research Group offers a list of tips to assist in preventing and addressing workplace violence, from identifying behavioral indicators to outlining an action plan for responding to an active shooter.

The free Workplace Violence Prevention reference card, which is available as a PDF, includes four main categories: behavioral indicators, violent behavior triggers, preventative measures and active shooter response techniques.

A brief overview of just some of the suggested tips and actions available on the card include:

Behavioral indicators for potential workplace violence risks may include employees who abuse drugs and alcohol, appear depressed, exhibit a dramatic personality change, experience a drop in productivity, make threats and more.

Violent behavior triggers for workplace violence may include employees who are being harassed, are being laid off or fired, feel disrespected, experience a poor performance review and more.

Preventative measures for workplace violence may include developing a workplace violence prevention program, conducting employee awareness training, developing an emergency “buddy system,” encouraging the reporting of any concerns and many more.

Active shooter response techniques include evacuating the workplace, having an escape plan in mind, hiding in an area out of the shooter’s view and, as a last resort and only when in imminent danger, taking action against the shooter.

Download the Workplace Violence Prevention reference card to view the safety tips in full.

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