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Total Safety Coins a Safety Commitment

Nov. 14, 2012
Safety is personal at Total Safety.
Every employee at Total Safety receives a Commitment Coin as a reminder to embrace safety in all aspects of their lives. Employees are encouraged to start the day with the coin in one pocket and then move the coin to another pocket when they make an action, decision or change that influences their safety. This coin has succeeded in reminding workers of their rights as valued and protected Total Safety team members, but it's done even more than that – it's gone viral.

"The Commitment Coin is heavy enough that if you're carrying it, you have a physical reminder to stay safe," explains Stenning Schueppert, senior vice president of strategy, marketing and corporate development. "That has evolved quickly to almost a viral photographic journey of the Commitment Coin around the world. People are proud to take their photo with the safety coin." Indeed, Total Safety employees spread the safety word by photographing themselves with the Commitment Coin wherever they go – be it a European vacation, on a scuba diving expedition, in the Grand Canyon or with an American Idol contestant or pro basketball player.

The Commitment Coin is just one part of Total Safety's dedication to making safety personal. The company's "Why We Stay Safe" bulletin boards provide space for workers to post pictures of loved ones to serve as daily reminders of why safety should be front and center at all times. Likewise, during safety meetings, the specialized safety personnel team may ask employees to speak about why,  specifically,  they want to go home at the end of the day.

"It should be personal," Schueppert said of safety, "because then the message is more ingrained
and more serious."

The company's commitment to and investment in safety extends to its dedication to earning VPP Star Site status for many of its locations. In fact, Total Safety employs a VPP director and a VPP coordinator, two employees whose responsibilities are dedicated to VPP requirements. And as a company that provides safety services to clients, Total Safety has an especially high standard for its own safety.

"The culture at Total Safety penetrates deep because we care about the safety of our workers, which is paramount, but our workers are also safeguarding the security and the wellness of our clients and our customers," Schueppert explains. "Not only do we care about keeping our team members and clients safe, but our customers look at us to keep their workers safe, as well."

Finally, safety goes right to the top at Total Safety. Upon learning that his company was a recipient of the America's Safest Companies award, CEO and President David Fanta said, "Our employees go to great lengths to uphold our mission ‘to ensure the safe Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide,' and it is recognition,  such as this, that reminds our employees that they are the ones continually raising the safety benchmark."

That's a message Total Safety employees and clients alike can take to the bank.

Total Safety, Houston, TX
Industry:  Integrated Safety and Compliance Solutions
3,124 employees
134 locations in 18 countries
14 EHS professionals for employees and 120 EHS professionals for clients

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