OH Names 2006 America’s Safest Companies

Occupational Hazards magazine is proud to name 10 new companies to its growing list of America’s Safest Companies.

The 2006 America’s Safest Companies are:

  • EnPro Industries Inc.
  • Fluor Corp.
  • Koch-Glitsch LP
  • Noble Corp.
  • OFG Jasper Cherry Street
  • Oregon Steel Mills -- Portland Steel Works
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Precision Components International Inc.
  • Rust Constructors Inc.
  • Walbridge Aldinger Co.

The companies will be honored at a champagne reception and awards ceremony tonight at Visions Restaurant in San Diego, Calif.

Understanding the Value of Safety

When it comes to safety, these 10 companies selected to be Occupational Hazards’ 2006 just plain “get it.” From their top executives all the way down to the factory floor, these companies get that safety is essential to business success.

They get the importance of safety committees, training, job-hazard analyses, audits, stop-work authority, employee involvement and management visibility. They get the symbiotic relationship between safety and productivity, profits, morale and employee retention.

“America's Safest Companies serve as inspiration to employers across the country who sometimes lack a determined commitment to occupational safety and health,” says Sandy Smith, chief editor. "Whether they have 10,000 employees or 100 employees, the 2006 ASC companies have demonstrated a commitment to safety and believe that a strong commitment to safety reflects positively on their bottom line.”

As Koch-Glitsch President Bob DiFulgentiz puts it, the qualities that helped the company's Wichita, Kan., manufacturing facility become an OSHA VPP Star site are the same qualities needed “to deliver on time, have a high-quality product and have good productivity.”

“Amazingly, when we focus on safety, all the other measurements improve," DiFulgentiz says. "It's just good for business."

A Well-Deserved Mantle

Since Occupational Hazards first launched America's Safest Companies in 2002, some common denominators have become apparent. To name just a few:

  • Upper management commitment -- At Noble Corp., executive management has spent more than $35 million over the past 10 years on EHS equipment, training and initiatives.
  • Comprehensive training -- Rust Constructors requires its new-hires to take part in a multi-stage training/orientation process that introduces and reinforces safety strategies over several weeks.
  • Employee involvement -- At OFG Jasper Cherry Street, employees lead and conduct the safety committee meetings.
  • Safety playing an integral role in daily operations -- Before every job task, each Rust Constructors crew is expected to complete a job planning and safety assessment card.
  • We're thrilled to honor another strong class of America's Safest Companies," Smith says. "The 2006 America’s Safest Companies display all the characteristics of safe companies, from upper-management commitment to employee involvement to effective safety systems, mechanisms and procedures. The mantle of America's Safest Companies' is well-deserved for these 10 employers.”

    Honoring America's Safest Companies would not be possible without the commitment of several sponsors. MCR Safety, which is a long-time and dedicated supporter, is the Gold sponsor for 2006. PureSafety, another long-time participant, is a 2006 silver sponsor, as is North Safety Products.

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