Governor Rendell Lauds Workplace Safety Program for Protecting 1 Million Workers

More than 1 million Pennsylvania workers are safer today thanks to business efforts to eliminate workplace hazards. While a record number of workers are benefiting from the state's certified workplace safety committee program, participating businesses have saved more than $266 million.

"The hardworking men and women who make up Pennsylvania's workforce deserve the safest workplaces we can provide," said Gov. Edward Rendell. "Making workplaces safer for more than 1 million employees is a milestone worth celebrating as we continue working to make our workforce safe and as productive as possible."

Rendell pointed out that since 1994, state-certified workplace safety committees have helped to protect the physical health of more than 1 million employees, while boosting businesses' economic health. "I encourage employers who don't currently have state-certified workplace safety committees to become part of our next million employees covered," said Rendell

Since Rendell took office, employer participation in the state-certified workplace safety committee program has increased by 34 percent, from 5,369 in 2003 to 7,214 this year. Collectively, those 7,214 participating employers have saved more than $266 million, as a result of the 5 percent discount they receive on their annual workers' compensation insurance premiums.

Businesses interested in protecting workers and saving money can get additional information online at, PA keyword: workplace safety.

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