New Database Contains Aging Workforce Information

A new Web-based database enables employers and researchers to access companies’ aging workforce practices.

The Conference Board launched the Employer-Practices Locator, a free database that currently includes information from 250 companies in the health care, utilities, transportation, chemical, government and manufacturing industries. The database serves to eliminate the need to search multiple sources for examples of company actions that address aging workforce issues.

“The database answers the question: ‘Who is doing what in the fast-growing world of the mature workforce,’” said Linda Barrington, The Conference Board’s director of research. “Any employer working with this important labor sector – or writing about it – will find the ‘Locator’ a valuable shortcut to a wealth of real-world examples of what can and is being done.”

The Locator selects and summarizes information published in print and online resources from 1996 to the present. Users can obtain results by choosing either company names or keyword options such as wellness, productivity, training, motivation and performance, unions, flexible work options and more.

Company leaders and HR executives, including benefits managers, diversity officers, talent managers and retirement experts, can glean helpful information from this database, which will be updated monthly.

The Locator is part of the Conference Board Mature Workforce Initiative, which strives to help employers “engage and develop mature employees within the rapidly changing multigenerational workplace.”

Visit to register.

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