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ACOEM Launches Workplace Health and Productivity Toolkit

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) launched its new Health and Productivity Toolkit, an educational Web site designed to promote the principles of Health and Productivity Management (HPM) in workplaces around the world.

HPM is an emerging concept built on the idea that health and productivity are closely linked, are measurable and can be influenced through programs that improve employee health and business performance. HPM advocates believe that employers can achieve a positive return on investment for dollars spent in wisely managing employee health risks, chronic illnesses and disability.

ACOEM’s Health and Productivity Toolkit provides step-by-step audio tutorials, video, charts, graphs, checklists and other resources teaching the basics of HPM. It was designed for physicians, nurses, health resource and health benefits professionals, insurers, employers and others who deal with health and wellness issues in the workplace.

“ACOEM’s mission is to promote healthier, more productive workplaces, and the HPM Toolkit offers practical advice and resources to help achieve this goal,” said ACOEM President Robert R. Orford, M.D. “It is by far the most comprehensive collection of educational material on the topic of HPM available anywhere today.”

The toolkit includes eight chapters of instruction that discuss key elements of health and productivity, the impact of HPM on the workplace, evidence-based medicine, case studies, measuring health and productivity, promoting HPM to senior management and more. Chapters are accompanied by testimonials, as well as a detailed glossary and bibliography. In all, the toolkit provides access to more than 1,000 pages of academic and research material.

The toolkit is offered as a subscription-based service that provides online access to the kit, as well as periodic research updates, additional case studies and other new material.

“In the last several years, the business community has begun to see the value of HPM strategies as it faces health care costs that are placing pressures on both employers and employees,” said Orford. “Occupational and environmental physicians are playing a pivotal role in helping the workplace understand these concepts and implement them. The end goal is a new model that promotes better health for workers and as a result improves our overall national health and the stability of our health care system.”

This toolkit is the latest product from ACOEM’s Health and Productivity Management Center (HPMC), which also offers seminars, webinars, and other educational resources. For more information, visit

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