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Calling All EHS Professionals: Share Your Thoughts on the State of Safety

It's that time of year again – the time we poll EHS professionals about their thoughts on the state of occupational health and safety as part of our National Safety Survey. We want to learn more about your concerns, your challenges, your struggles and your successes in the occupational safety and health field – so be sure to join the conversation today.

Last year, more than 1,000 safety professionals, industrial hygienists, consultants, HR professionals, company presidents, CEOs and more responded to our annual National Safety Survey. This year, we want to know:

· If you were named the head of OSHA overnight, with the power to make any changes you saw fit, what would be your first move?
· Does top management in your organization provide active and visible support for occupational safety and health?
· Do you consider yourself adequately trained and educated for your EHS responsibilities?
· How did you address a recent occupational safety challenge at work?
· In what area would you most like to see improvement in your organization/facility’s safety and health program?
· How do you think the 2012 presidential election might impact occupational safety and health in the United States?

…and much more.

The survey results will appear in a feature article in the August issue of EHS Today, but your answers will be kept confidential and will be presented in statistical form only. If you choose to include your name and contact information, you could be contacted for a short interview and may be quoted in the article (with your permission, of course).

So help keep the conversation going – fill out the 2012 National Safety Survey today.

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