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Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes at EHS Today

There are big changes afloat at EHS Today, with a new website, logo and design!

You probably noticed there’s a new, fresh, updated look to, and if you receive the EHS Today print publication, you’ll see some changes there as well.

It’s all part of a corporate effort to create a recognizable “brand” among the web sites and magazines in our Industry and Infrastructure Group, of which EHS Today is a part. While we still have our own names, content and missions, EHS Today and its sister brands IndustryWeek, New Equipment Digest, Material Handling & Logistics, American Machinist, American Machinist, Foundry Management & Technology and Forging Magazine are dedicated to providing high-value information to our audiences.

Here at EHS Today, we’ve been looking forward to these changes for a long time: When you navigate through the new and improved, you’ll notice a cleaner look. Things aren’t flashing and moving all over the home page. Designed to provide an improved user experience, our new website features infinite scrolling and faster page loading. What’s more, with a responsive design, the new website is optimized for mobile devices, meaning it’s much easier to access and read on tablets and smartphones. This is a great fit for many of you who are constantly on the go.

You’ll find the latest news in the left column (or rail, if you’re a techie) under the RECENT heading. You’ll notice this content changing just about every day.  In the center, you’ll find TOP STORIES, which includes content the EHS Today editors handpicked for our audience. On the right rail, you’ll find a green box that has a link to upcoming webinars as well as special events we think might be important to you.

The most important component on the home page is the dropdown MENU next to our new logo. (The techie guys call it a “hamburger menu.” Not sure why, but it makes me hungry every time they say it.) Take a little time to explore what’s there. You’ll find links to our topic pages, archived and upcoming webinars, the Safety Leadership Conference, the America’s Safest Companies awards, latest headlines (news) and so much more!

EHS Today in print: With the goal to refresh, not necessarily reinvent, the look of our print product, we tweaked our logo design and implemented a new color palette — aiming for something more contemporary and cleaner-looking.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is the mission of EHS Today: To be the leading voice for environment, health and safety information, driving a dialogue for our readers about safety leadership, risk management, occupational safety, industrial hygiene, sustainability, employee health and wellness, environmental management, productivity, corporate responsibility and business continuity and how it all is interrelated. EHS Today provides comprehensive coverage of these topics, with an emphasis on building world-class safety management systems and inspiring transformational safety leadership.

We will do this by providing high-value information to our audience through a mix of news items, short- and long-form articles, special reports, photo galleries, webinars, white papers, educational events and more.

I hope you find the new to be a useful tool as you strive every day to keep employees and facilities healthy and safe, provide value to your employer and further your knowledge of environment, health and safety.

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