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Chemical Companies, Transportation Carriers Win Safety Awards Thinkstock

Chemical Companies, Transportation Carriers Win Safety Awards

Eleven companies win national achievement awards for supporting Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response (TRANSCAER).

Volunteers from chemical producers, transportation carriers, emergency responders and government agencies recently were honored for their commitment to transportation safety.

The Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency (TRANSCAER) Awards Program recognizes individuals, companies and organizations that go above and beyond in helping communities across the country prepare for hazardous material emergencies.

“We greatly appreciate the strong commitment and leadership of our dedicated volunteers to help keep emergency responders across the country and the communities they serve safe,” said National TRANSCAER Task Group Chairman Keith Silverman, VP of global operations, quality and EHS at Ashland in a statement. “Because of them, TRANSCAER has been able to provide valuable, life-saving training to 50,000 emergency responders throughout North America to better prepare and more effectively handle transportation incidents involving hazardous materials.”

Volunteers consist of representatives from chemical producers, transportation carriers, distribution, industry associations, emergency response personnel and industries, responders and government agencies.

Companies provide resources at training sites that may include hands-on training, emergency planning assistance, support for community drills and exercises, technical information and reference and training materials. The training helps communities deal with primarily highway and rail related transportation incidents involving crude oil, ethanol and a variety of hazardous materials.

This year there were 41 Individual Achievement Awards and 142 Certificates of Appreciation Awards among the awards given, including recipients from NBSF Railway, Benjamin Moore & Co., CSX Transportation, Norfolk Southern Corporation, Renewable Fuels Association, The Dow Chemical Company and more.

The full list of current and previous award recipients is available by visiting the TRANSCAER website.

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