MSHA Releases New Mine Safety PSAs

MSHA released its latest set of “Mine Safety Minutes,” audio public service announcements that educate miners and mine operators about workplace hazards.

The newest volume is the ninth in the series and contains a dozen 1-minute messages about mine safety and health issues on compact disc. MSHA has mailed nearly 1,000 CDs to radio stations with mining communities in some 30 states, making this volume the largest ever distributed in the series.

"These audio messages have become an extremely effective way of communicating critical mine safety and health information directly to working miners," said MSHA Administrator Richard E. Stickler. "We hope that local radio stations air these messages often as a public service to working miners in their communities."

Each audio message provides useful mine safety and health advice, warnings and updates on safety issues facing the mining industry. The messages are recorded without reference to specific time periods so they can be used indefinitely.

Four of the 12 messages in the latest volume have themes applicable to coal mining audiences. The remaining eight are suitable to audiences in communities with metal and nonmetal mines, quarries, and sand and gravel pits.

Topics directed to coal mining audiences include black lung prevention, mine emergency management requirements, accident prevention techniques, adequate training and the MINER Act.

The black lung topic, for example, advises coal miners that they have a right to work in an environment that is free of excessive levels of coal mine dust, receive training on mining health hazards, receive NIOSH-approved respirators when dust levels exceed the legal limit and request an MSHA inspection if they suspect dust concentrations are excessive.

The mine safety PSAs and transcripts may be accessed at

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