The Diagnosis Is Excellent for Safety at Roche

The Diagnosis Is Excellent for Safety at Roche

Roche Diagnostics Corp. puts an emphasis on risk analysis, prevention and elimination

The 4,200 employees at Roche Diagnostics Corp. are in the business of designing, producing, marketing and selling diagnostic tools that play a vital role in the prevention, early detection, identification, targeted screening, treatment, evaluation and monitoring of diseases.

Safety, health and environmental stewardship are issues that resonate at Roche Diagnostics because they are closely aligned both with the purpose of the business - prevention, targeted response, evaluation, monitoring - and with management's business philosophy of sustainable development.

“The award is a reflection of our long-standing organizational commitment to the principles of safety, health and environmental protection,” said Operations President Kent Kost. “This commitment brings value not only to our employees, but to our customers, business partners, shareholders and the communities in which we live and work.”

Kevin Gara, Roche Diagnostic's director of safety, health and environmental protection, is proud to work for a company where safety and environmental protection are core business values. “Leadership has set the expectation that we will do things in ways that are safe, efficient and sustainable. This expectation empowers people to think and act in ways that truly make a difference.”

Examples of the company's EHS efforts include safety training for all employees, an annual safety fair, on-site wellness offerings and energy conservation and recycling programs.

“We don't simply ask what do we need to do at a minimum, but what is the best solution holistically for all of our safety, health and environmental issues at hand,” says Don Pearson, manager of health and safety.

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