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EHS Today launches new site design

EHS Today Launching a New Web Site on July 11

When you log onto tomorrow, you will be in for a surpriseā€¦ a good one, we hope.

Tomorrow, we launch the new and improved Normally, I’d say something like, “Welcome to 2.0,” but the new Web site is so different from the old one that it’s more like “Welcome to 5.0.” The new site features all the bells and whistles today's Web design and technology can offer, while providing the same reliable, thought-provoking and timely information you're used to seeing on

First thing you’ll notice is our updated look: Bigger and better graphics; new colors; a Hot Topics section that includes subjects such as arc flash safety, wellness and OSHA enforcement; blogs that are easier to find; visible links to Webinars, white papers and videos; and news that’s updated by our editors daily.

“Our new Web site is more attractive, more user-friendly and shares our content more effectively and efficiently,” said EHS Today Senior Editor Laura Walter. "We've streamlined our content categories, greatly improved our blog platform and added new Hot Topics pages to direct visitors to popular topics including distracted driving, workplace bullying, OSHA enforcement and more. All of us at EHS Today are thrilled to have this new platform to help our site visitors access the best and latest occupational safety and health news.”

Change is not something we take lightly here. We know that you’ve come to depend on for news, commentary, feature articles and other info. Web sites that we frequently visit are like old friends; we know them well, we’re comfortable with them and we don’t want that long-standing friendship to change.

I hope that you will appreciate the improved qualities of the new Think of us as an old friend who lost a few pounds, got a new wardrobe and is looking 10 years younger. We’re still the same inside – wanting to provide you with the best and most current information – just a little better looking and more fun on the outside.

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