Aon Presents Leading Risk Factors for Emerging Technology Firms

During the July 2008 meeting at the California Women's Network Group, Julie K. Davis of Aon will host a presentation on leading risk factors for emerging technology firms. Aon counsels entrepreneurs, risk managers, CFOs and CEOs of technology, Internet and life science firms on management of their risks.

In her presentation, Davis will detail general risk factors for emerging technology firms. She will present research that identifies a change in risk factors as firms grow, develop and change.

“We created our Risk Awareness Report to serve as an annual discussion document for emerging technology firms,” said Davis. “Historically, risk factors were discussions held for public firms. But we are learning more about the importance of helping our clients identify changes in risk factors as firms grow and the differences in risk factors in each segment of the technology industry.”

Davis said many of the risk factors that topped the list of greatest concerns have not changed from previous surveys, such as competition, intellectual property infringement, development of new products and services and talent attraction and retention. But she noted new concerns that are topping the list. They include economic conditions, growing concerns about product liability, risks associated with international alliances and joint ventures and their ability to maintain costs while driving strategic plans.

“The research and findings about changes in risk factors should be powerful incentives for emerging technology firms to broaden their view of how they manage risks,” said Anna Smith, president, California Women’s Network Group.

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