Fatal Fire Leads to OSHA Violations for Two Companies

Fatal Fire Leads to OSHA Violations for Two Companies

Four employees suffered burns and needed hospitalization.

In December 2018, a fire at MarkWest natural gas processing plant killed one worker and left three other employees with severe burns that required hospitalization.

The companies responsible for the Houston, Pa.-plant's operations are now facing thousands of dollars in OSHA penalties.

“Providing workers with a safe and healthful workplace is required of every employer,” said Christopher Robinson, OSHA area director in Pittsburgh, Pa, in a statement. “This tragedy could have been prevented if the employer had followed safety processes to control the release of gases from highly hazardous chemicals.”

Energy Transportation LLC and MW Logistics Services LLC were cited for serious safety violations after agency inspectors investigated after the incident occurred.

OSHA cited Energy Transportation for violations of the process safety management (PSM) standard and for exposing employees to flammable vapor and liquid while they off-loaded waste material from a vessel into a mobile tank.

The agency cited MW Logistics Services LLC, the host employer that operates the natural gas processing plan, for violations of PSM standards, and for failing to inspect the facility’s energy control procedures at least annually.

Energy Transportation LLC faces penalties totaling $51,148.  MW Logistics Services LLC faces $47,360 in penalties.

Both companies have 15 business days to respond to the citations.

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