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A Few Small Changes at

A Few Small Changes at

Same great Web site, same great content and hopefully, better targeting of information.

As a visitor to, I want to make you aware of a change that is happening on our Web site. Some site content – approximately 15 percent – now will require registration through the Web site to view. Once you've completed that initial registration, you only will have to enter your user name and password once to view all the gated and ungated content you want during a user session.

Most of us are familiar with gating: my local newspaper just created a combined print and mobile subscription that requires registration; visitors to already have to register to leave comments (the new registration system will be similar); many of us register to pay online bills, etc.

I’m like most of you and think that gating can be a pain in the derriere. Does anything curb our enthusiasm faster than coming to a registration screen? I sometimes think, “If I have to remember one more user name and password…!!! GRRRR!”

But gating does serve a very useful purpose for web sites like My goal is to provide you with content you find interesting and useful. Often, people post comments or send emails, and that really is helpful. But most of us are too busy to do that unless something really touches a nerve, good or bad.

If I’m not hearing from you EHS professionals, are you really out there? I’ve been promised that our gating process ensures that we are reaching EHS professionals with our content.

In order to kick off this process, you will need to register in order to view our latest infographic, "Going Mobile: How Do You Get Your Info on the Go?" or to download a PDF version of The 2013 National Safety Survey.

Registration is FREE and only will take a couple of minutes. Once you register, check the "remember me" box, so you can access premium content without logging in. However, if you happen to log out, simply enter your username and password to log back in again. 

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