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The Bott family on their farm
<p>The Bott family on their farm.</p>

Freak Farming Incident Takes the Lives of Three Children

Three siblings in Alberta, Canada became engulfed in seed while playing on a farm transport truck.

Three young girls died on their family's farm on Oct. 13 when they were engulfed in seed while playing near the back of a farm transportation vehicle.

“Our kids died living life on the farm,” the girls' parents Roger and Bonita Bott said in a statement. “We do not regret raising and involving our kids, Catie, aged 13, Dara, aged 11 and Jana aged 11, on our farm. It was our life.”

According to authorities, the family owns a farm near Withrow, Alberta, where they grow grow canola, barley and sunflowers. A spokesperson from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said the three girls fell into the back of a truck loaded with canola and the seeds started to shift and engulfed the children, who breathed them in. They were removed from the truck by family members before emergency crews tried to revive them.

The crews attempted CPR for two hours before two girls were declared dead on the scene and the third was transported by helicopter to a children's hospital in Edmonton, where she was pronounced dead.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family at



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