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Tiffany Barnett

Future Leader in EHS Runner-Up: Tiffany Barnett

The scholarship panel selected Tiffany Barnett, a senior earning her bachelor's of science in safety at Indiana University Southeast, as the 2012 Future Leader in EHS runner-up. Barnett, who counts among her aspirations to secure a managerial position in the EHS field, sit for the CSP, earn a master's degree in industrial hygiene, be recognized for her research and even write articles for EHS Today, impressed the judges with her dedication, her strong letters of recommendation and her leadership abilities. She is the president-elect for her university's American Society of Safety Engineers student section, and she launched the Safety Beacon newsletter for IU Southeast students.

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"It is apparent from reading Tiffany's submission that she is very passionate about safety," says Todd Hohn, CSP, vice president of strategic resources at UL PureSafety, who served on the scholarship selection committee. "She treats everything as a learning opportunity to ultimately improve her performance [and] that of others."

In her application, Barnett described why EHS is the field for her: "I love to teach, help others, problem solve and interact with a wide variety of people and issues ... I realized in the first class that this was my passion, and I have not looked back since."

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