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Get Out Those Markers, Crayons and Video Cameras to Celebrate Workplace Safety! Thinkstock

Get Out Those Markers, Crayons and Video Cameras to Celebrate Workplace Safety!

ASSE is inviting kids to enter workplace safety art and video contests.

It is time once again for students around the world to sharpen their pencils and charge up their video cameras as the American Society of Safety Engineers announces the kick-off of its 2015 Workplace Safety Poster and Video Contest in recognition of North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week

ASSE is inviting children ages 5 to 13 to create posters and children 14 to 18 to create videos that celebrate this year’s theme: “Everyplace Is Someone’s Workplace.”

“The American Society of Safety Engineers is so proud to sponsor these contests,” said ASSE President Trish Ennis. “Workplace safety should be a high priority in every household. Families depend on parents getting home safe and healthy. Additionally, occupational safety and health is a wonderful career option and ASSE is delighted to help introduce young people to the possibility of a solid career of which they may not have considered or been aware.”

First place finishers in each age group will receive $1,000 in cash. The deadline for submissions is March 31, with winners announced on or before April 15. Awards will be presented to the top winners in each of four age groups of the poster contest and each of three age groups for the video contest during the week of May 3-9, 2015. 

This drawing was completed for last year's contest by a 10-year-old California girl.

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