New Employee Self-Help Handbook on Workplace Rights Is a Resource in Tough Economic Times

Xlibris Publishing has released a new self-help, consumer handbook on workplace rights by authors Andrew Liput and Nancy Ruddy. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Rights in the Workplace . . . but your Boss was afraid to tell you! offers readers easy-to-understand explanations of their rights on the job, from interview to termination, covering hostile environments, sexual harassment, age discrimination and workplace safety, among many other topics.

Liput, an attorney for more than 22 years in corporate and employment law, and his co-author Ruddy, a licensed psychologist, delve into more than just the cold, hard facts about various state and federal laws. The authors also address the psychological impact of workplace tension and conflict, and offer resources for employees and job seekers to help to improve their performance and to defuse tensions.

The book’s appendix contains many handy references, including listing labor department contact information for all 50 states, OSHA guidelines and reporting instructions for workplace safety issues and state bar association attorney referral information when a consumer needs legal representation.

Liput, who has trained thousands of employees in workplace issues and also taught employment law at universities in the Northeast said, “This book was written to give employees an even playing field, to empower them with knowledge about their rights at a time when layoffs, terminations and workplace tensions are at historic highs.”

The book is available from online retailers Barnes and Noble, Amazon and at local bookstores.

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