Searching for America’s Safest Companies

Over 100 companies have been recognized by EHS Today as America’s Safest. Large, small or somewhere in between and spread out all over the country, these companies represent what is best in safety in the United States, and provide more than 1 million workers with a safe work environment.

Because of unrelenting hard work, innovative solutions to safety challenges, creative use of resources and the motivation to do the right thing, these companies keep their workers – and their bottom line – safe from workplace hazards.

The application for America’s Safest Companies can be found here and the deadline for applications is July 1. America’s Safest Companies recognition is awarded to the entire company, not just a department or particular facility, so please keep that in mind when answering the questions and providing supporting documentation. Companies that previously have been recognized as America’s Safest must wait 5 years before reapplying.

Does your company have what it takes to be one of America’s Safest in 2010?

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