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Winter Driving Tips Can Help Keep Workers Safe on the Road

Winter driving can be risky, and no one knows that better than our neighbors to the north. Transport Canada wants drivers so be ready and be safe on the roads this winter.

With snow in the forecast for many, Transport Canada is launching a 2011-2012 winter driving campaign. As part of the campaign, the organization is encouraging drivers to prepare their vehicles for this coming winter season and to drive safely throughout the coming season.

Winter roads can be a challenge for drivers, so experts suggest giving yourself every advantage by preparing your vehicle before setting out. Keep in mind that proper vehicle maintenance, coupled with safe driving techniques, will help get you through the winter safely.

You can reduce the chance of collision and help improve road safety by following these Transport Canada safety tips:

· Install matching winter tires on all wheels of your vehicle. Winter tires outperform all-season tires when the temperature falls below 7°C, whether the roads are dry or covered in snow and/or ice.
· Pack a winter driving emergency kit in your vehicle.
· Check tire pressure at least once a month.
· Have your battery, ignition system, lights and brakes tested.
· Ensure your wipers are in good working condition.
· Clear the snow and ice off your vehicle.
· Give yourself extra distance to stop, as roads may be icy.
· Check weather conditions before hitting the roads.
· Dress properly — wear warm clothing.
· Bring a cell phone for emergency purposes, but never use it while driving.

To find more information about winter driving safety tips, take a look at Transport Canada’s winter driving brochure. A video gallery provides useful safety tips to prepare your vehicle for winter driving.

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